*** Support For Client Platforms Other Than Windows Based PC's ***


If you are looking for BlackBerry tether support for a client platform other than a Windows based PC, such as a Playbook or a MAC, please try out Bluetooth Tether Bridge for BlackBerry instead of TetherBridge MIS.  Please go to the following link for that:

      Bluetooth Tether Bridge for BlackBerry.




Anonymous Free Trial:

You can try TetherBridge MIS for free and you should try it before making a purchase.  The trial period lasts for 5 days and it starts when you start the first tether session (not when you install the software). You do not need to re-install any software for the paid full mode but only need to enter a license key to activate it.  You do not need to provide any identity (name, email or anything else) for trying TetherBridge.  There will not be any targeted sales campaign.  This is truly a free trial with no string attached.


System Requirements:



Installation Instructions (Important: Don't miss Operation Instructions section below!):





   a) To install TetherBridge MIS-PC on a PC running the 32-bit version of the Windows operating system, select the link below:


   b) To install TetherBridge MIS-PC on a PC running the 64-bit version of the Windows operating system, select the link below:



Operation Instructions:

After installation, you can start tethering (a license key is not needed for the trial mode):

(Please check this link for tips on maximizing Internet speed and avoiding operation issues: Operation Tips. Do read the tips before your first tether session to avoid some common problems. These are TetherBridge specific and all users including networking pros should read them. If you run into any operation problems including performance issues which are not addressed by the tips, you are welcome to seek assistance through the Support web page.)


APN Configuration:

Please see APN Setup for APN configuration information.



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